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About our product

Rerad is the next-generation community-driven online collaboration platform for radiologists, where experienced radiologists and neurologists provide consultation for complex cases and mentorship.

We aim to be the first to offer the ability to help professionals find the right mentors for medical doctors to help them work, develop and be more motivated.

Current status

  • Developed cloud-based radiology collaboration platform
  • (DICOM viewer with features of Zoom and Miro)
  • 600+ radiologists and neurologists in the community
  • First sales of p2p mentorship
  • Weekly webinars for junior radiologists and neurologists
  • $250k pre-seed round investment
  • Leonid KlarovLeonid Klarov

    CEO, Chief Radiologist in the region, 10+ years in entrepreneurship

  • Anatolii MyreevAnatolii Myreev

    CBDO, 5+ years of Digital Transformation and Venture Ecosystem experience, MIT alumni

  • Andrei TimofeevAndrei Timofeev

    CPO, Project Manager, 10+ Radiologist

  • Fedor AkimovFedor Akimov

    CTO, 12+ years in Software Development, 5+ years Head of Development

  • 10+ developers, designers, community managers10+ developers, designers, community managers