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Video calls for new era of digital medicine

Upload, annotate, and discuss your imaging
materials together in real time with Rerad.

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Rerad is the community-driven online collaboration platform for radiologists.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Consultation for complex cases, mentorship, sharing experience and extra income on a collaboration platform.



300 000 radiologists and 250 000 neurologists and also other specialists worldwide.


One image.
Entire team.

Every colleague connecting to the project will see all annotations, discussions, and comments synced with cloud servers.

Tools designed for medical professionals

With, you have every tool at your disposal for detailed and accurate analysis of imaging materials, no matter the complexity.

Video, audio, or text chat. It's up to you

At, your colleagues can connect with you however they like. The only thing missing is holograms. For now.

Never lose data again with Rerad's cloud lets you forget about keeping track of the latest changes to your imaging materials thanks to its instant cloud-based sync. Don't worry — your data is encrypted.

Backtrack changes & control permissions also lets you go back to a previous version of your imaging materials and allow or deny editing access to certain users. Take full control of your research with